Personal Quality

Elmas Group hires are conducted according to proficiencies determined for every level of employees, and thereafter employees are provided with trainings and career planning at every stage of their professional life. Expert professional trainers of human resources consulting companies are used for outsourced trainings. In-house trainings are conducted at our training centre, built on 1000 m2 of space, at Kemalpaşa, away from distractions of İzmir downtown. Periodic performance reviews and individual training programs ensures development of each Elmas Group employee according to the determined proficiencies.

Quality of Professional Career

Professional advancement depends on personal performance. Any employee who displays consistent high performance shall be taken into management training program by Elmas Group human resources unit. Employees who successfully complete this program are promoted to suitable positions. Elmas Group adopts the principle of constant employee satisfaction to ensure constant customer satisfaction. As a technologically versed company, Elmas Group provides intranet and internet facilities for its employees. Employee salaries are determined entirely on basis of position and performance, not falling under market average, and regularly paid in two stages, advance payments to provide better comfort during the month, and at the end of each month. The work environment is designed as an open office space, rather than detached rooms, in parallel with the principle "team work removes work stress".