After starting domestic activities in 1979,

Elmas Group has become one of the leading companies in its sector by modernising its vehicle park each year, and developing along with its expert and experienced staff.





Elmas Group has made good progress in partial (depot) shipment activities started in 1986, and today, especially on İstanbul-İzmir line, we provide services to leading companies of İzmir and of Turkey with the principle of JUST IN TIME.

Elmas Group provides local cargo services at various amounts and tonnages, from ports, temporary storage areas, bonded warehouses, free zones, airports, factories and depots, with vehicles compliant with the cargos and the urban vehicle traffic regulations.

Especially providing an important support component in marine and rail transport, Container Transport services are provided from production points to export departure and import arrival areas and unloading areas (Customs Bonded Depots, Non-bonded Depots, Production Areas and other storage areas) with vehicles compliant with the relevant standards.

With its organised structure in container shipment, an important link in integrated logistics services, Elmas Group also proves itself as a solution partner for its clients.

With our L2 (C2) Certified privately-owned vehicles we provide transport services with Global Assurance between all Customs, Ports and Free Zones in Turkey with open and close vehicles, trucks and trailers.

The services we supply with global assurance provide great convenience to our clients in domestic customs bonded transit.